Super Lock / Micron Ware Containers

Super Lock / Micron Ware Containers

Whether you love sharing your food with friends, take packed lunches in the morning, or just wish to store food keeping it fresh for longer, Super Lock containers are the answer! They look and feel just like normal containers, so how are they different you must be thinking? Read on and discover the magic behind them and find out why they are different to other containers.

Why super lock containers?

To give you the answer in short form, these helpful containers are 100 percent air tight, super durable, tough and leak proof! However, read on for the full details behind these fabulous Super Lock containers. Regardless of where your Super Lock container is going, it will never stink out the surroundings and neither will it leave a mess by leaking. Strong odours are locked in and when it comes to the super durable design, this keeps your vegetables and fruit fresher and crisper for much longer!

Why are they different?

Okay, so you have a whole lot of food left over from last night’s event so you stack it away in neat little containers. However, one thing normal containers can’t do is have your food staying fresh for long. They may tidy things up a bit, but they cannot take care of any strong odours, they won’t keep your food fresh for long and they can also leak. The explanation as to how the Super Lock containers are different is their 100 percent air and water tight feature which ensures no smells or liquids leak out, keeping your food fresh for much longer.

How do the Super Lock Containers work to keep freshness locked in?

Super Lock containers even take care of runny foods such as liquids and soups, all without making a mess. The containers are made from extremely heavy duty raw grade plastics and the lid features an inlaid silicone seal, all of which makes the containers very durable and strong. A clip is featured on all four sides of these containers, which creates the extra force between the container and silicone seal, guaranteeing there are no leaks of liquid or air.

Different varieties

These durable Super Lock containers can be used anywhere from the microwave to the freezer to the dishwasher. They come in a huge variety of shapes and sizes, ensuring you can always find the perfect one for your needs. The microwave containers are 100 percent microwaveable and won’t lose shape each time you put them in the microwave to warm your food. The rice containers ensure your rice always stays fresh and dry, ready for each time you wish to cook. There are specific containers for foods like eggs and rice. When it comes to everyday food, cooked or uncooked, you can check out the whole range, which has containers of many different shapes and sizes.

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